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With literally no setup too easy or too complicated, if you have a tank or need a tank, we can help.
Scooter's Aquatics & Exotics provides fully licensed, insured and bonded full service fresh and saltwater aquatic tank design and maintenance for both residential and commercial clients throughout Indianpolis, Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, Zionsville, Geist and surrounding ares in Indiana.
Our Services

Custom Tank Design
Whether it's a simple freshwater goldfish tank or a saltwater reef tank embedded in your wall, there's no setup too easy or complicated for us at Scooter's Aquatics & Exotics! Our top-quality, made-to-order cabinets can be designed to match any decor. Our custom aquarium cabinets not only look great, they also provide concealment of mechanical and electrical equipment - and are priced to compare favorably with standard commercial stands.
We work directly with your contractor and architect to design and fit your aquarium with your area.  At Scooter's we have worked with most of the largest and best contractors and architects in Indianapolis.  We provide sketches of tanks and with our years of experience in the field we know how to get your desired end result.  We offer powder coated steel stands that can be wrapped in almost any material such as drywall or a special hardwood to match existing decor.  Our custom built acrylic aquariums can be made into virtually any shape or size.  The only thing that limits us is your imagination!  If you can dream it, we can build it!
Would you like to refresh the look of your existing aquarium and cabinet? Ask us about retrofitting your current set-up to add new life to any room. Often this can be a very cost effective way of improving your tank setup!  We can do something as simple as painting a stand a new color.  We can also give an existing wood stand a new look with some wood cleaner and different stain options.  Or our professional cabinetry workers can strip and refinsh a current stand to give a completely new look to an existing stand or canopy.  We can even build you a new cabinet and canopy if you so desire.  There are a variety of options and possibilities.
Tank Maintenance & Water Drop Off
Scooter's Aquatics & Exotics aquarium maintenance plan can have your aquarium looking great and staying that way in no time. You get to enjoy the natural beauty of your fish tank without all the hassle. Your maintenance plan will be customized to fit your needs. Below is a typical monthly service plan.  Our plans can be done weekly, biweekly or once a month.  Contact us today for your free consultation.
We also offer our water drop off program for current clients in Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, Geist, Zionsville and surrounding areas.  We will drop off fresh water for top off for your saltwater or freshwater aquarium.  We also can provide salt water for clients who wish to do a water change on their own or in between visits.  There is an one time fee for the container and then it is just the fee for water.  This is another one of the benefits of being a client of Scooter's Aquatics & Exotics.
  • Water Testing: Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates, PH, Water Hardness
  • Temperature Monitoring: We will make sure water temperatures are always at ideal levels.
  • Inside Glass Cleaning: Includes excessive algae removal from viewing glass.
  • Substrate Vacuum (gravel): Removal of toxic waste and excessive detritus from aquarium gravel.
  • Water Changes and Filter Media Replacement
  • Aquascaping: We will decorate your aquarium, providing it with that professional look.
  • Overall Animal Health Monitoring: We will monitor aquarium inhabitants health, and notify you of any signs of stress or illness, and offer advice and action on correcting a given problem.
  • Aquarium System Functionality Monitoring: We will make sure all mechanical components of the aquarium are functioning properly by performing preventative maintenance. If a system fails, we can offer advice and action on correcting a given problem.
  • Consulting and Trouble Shooting: Environmental accountability and responsibility are a top priority at Scooter's Aquatics & Exotics. We will be here to answer any questions you may have, or offer consultation and suggestions on how to get the most out of enjoying your aquarium and to make sure the animals are happy and healthy.
Eco-friendly Products & Services

Carbon Neutral Services
Most of the energy generated in Indiana is generated by burning coal. Burning coal releases carbon into the atmosphere. Scooter's Aquatics & Exotics determines the amount of energy each individual aquarium consumes in a year. They then use this to calculate how much carbon is released into the atmosphere because of that power consumption. This is called its carbon footprint. Then after the amount of each aquarium's carbon footprint is calculated, Scooter's Aquatics & Exotics offsets that amount by investing in clean energy projects around the country, whether it's a solar farm in California or a wind farm in Wisconsin. By offsetting the carbon footprint of our aquariums, Scooter's Aquatics & Exotics is lowering its negative impact on the environment and at the same time creating a cleaner, greener environment for our children.
Tank Bred/Raised Fish
Managing our marine resources is a key part of the long-term success of the aquarium hobby. Due to recent advancements in marine culture and fish farming, it's now possible to successfully breed and rear many species of marine fish in large numbers.
During 2013, in an effort to narrow down the definition of “what is” a captive-bred marine fish (along with other trade jargon), Richard Ross dedicated an issue of his Skeptical Reefkeeping series to the subject. See Ross, along with Kevin Erickson, has compiled a detailed list of terms and definitions used when referring to the origins of our marine livestock.
The Marine Breeding Initiative (MBI) is in agreement with this “captive-bred” definition: “Captive bred fishes are organisms that were spawned and raised in tanks or other captive facilities on land.” We augment this to simply state that captive-breeding, to be regarded as truly successful, must at a minimum raise offspring to a juvenile, marketable size.
The term “tank-raised” is often used in the freshwater aquarium livestock trade and likely predates any use of the phrase in the marine trade. In the freshwater trade, “tank-raised” is often synonymous with the aforementioned definition of “captive-bred” marine fish, but over the past several years “tank-raised” has become a very confusing, and perhaps unreliable or even abused, term when applied to marine fishes. Given the advent of harvesting the pre-settlement larvae of wild fishes, many species of marine fishes are now captive-grown without being captive-spawned. These fishes should, it is widely agreed, be sold as “tank-raised” and never as “captive-bred” or “CB.” Per Ross and Erickson, “tank-raised” carries its own definition in the marine trade: “Animals from eggs or pre-settlement larvae collected in the wild, then grown or raised in tanks in facilities on land.”
Ultra-Premium "Green" Fish
All fish (and coral / living rocks) offered in this line are MAC Certified. These fish are raised and cared for under the strictest of standards which guarantees a longer, healthier life for the fish and more enjoyment for you. Wherever possible, fish from our premium line are "tank-bred" which reduces the amount of stress to our natural coral reefs.
Eco-friendly Stands & Enclosures
We offer special stands made from bamboo, reclaimed wood or wood raised to be harvested specifically for wood products. These products offer a significantly reduced impact on the environment. Bamboo is particularly eco-friendly because bamboo forests regenerate exponentially faster than "traditional" woods.
Please contact us today for more detailed information regarding these or additional services, or to discuss a specific need.